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Archive for the Espresso Category

La Marzocco’s New Strada Coming to NYC

Posted on April 16, 2010 by

Since the above photo was taken by Terry Z in Milan in October of 2009, La Marzocco has announced two updated versions of their highly anticipated new “Strada”. And although they’re busy getting their unveiling on at SCAA in Anaheim, they’re already making plans for the Big Apple. This June La Marzocco is bringing their […]

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Is NYC the Next Melbourne?

Posted on April 10, 2010 by

The Milk Bar’s Alexander Hall thinks so. “The New York coffee scene is similar to Melbourne in 1985.” Ouch! But Francesco Agoftino from the Glass Shop thinks flat whites are “uncool”. And apparently the issue is so sensitive, a former Melburnian “who was also the first to roast premium-grade beans in New York” won’t even […]

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MoJoToGo Calculates Extraction Yield on Your iPhone

Posted on April 7, 2010 by

Voice Systems Technology, Inc. has released a pretty slick iPhone app that calculates the extraction yields and TDS percentages of your brews. Naturally a refractometer is still required to actually make calculations, but no longer are you dependent on Windows only software to make sense of what you are calculating. If you’re not sure why you need […]

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Is the Presso a Mypressi Twist Killer?

Posted on April 6, 2010 by

Is the Presso a Mypressi Twist killer? Probably not. Not requiring N2O cartridges is pretty cool, but would also make the manual operation more inconsistent. Labeling the device as a “cappuccino maker” doesn’t really help their cause either (since, you know, it doesn’t make cappuccinos). Still, it seems to have potential and I wouldn’t mind having one to […]

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Video: Regional Barista Championship 2010 – CNN iReport

Posted on March 24, 2010 by

via CNN iReport. It’s always nice to see friends on CNN.  Remember this, Brent?

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Video: Espresso at Intelligentsia

Posted on January 18, 2010 by

Apparently 2010 will be the year of the video.  Here’s another nice one featuring Kyle Glanville. Espresso, Intelligentsia from Department of the 4th Dimension on Vimeo.

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Video: A Day in the Life of a Canadian Barista

Posted on December 16, 2009 by

December 9th, in 3 minutes. from John Giannakos on Vimeo.

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Coffee Chronicles: Coffee's History In America, A Short Primer | Serious Eats : New York

Posted on November 24, 2009 by

“Before Stumptown, Gorilla, Grumpy, and even Dallis, there was a coffee roaster who set up shop in Manhattan, and 160 years later, still proclaims the good news about specialty coffee. Gillie’s Coffee,who moved to Brooklyn from Greenwich Village in 1991, survived through the tumultuous economic times in the coffee world, the “coffee crash” of 1881, […]

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Favorite Brew Method of All Time

Posted on September 30, 2009 by

Originally uploaded by Chris Giannakos

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The Aromatics You Lose When Coffee Has Been Ground For 30 Minutes

Posted on August 7, 2009 by

I posted this on Twitter last weekend but thought it was worth posting here as well.  It’s an excerpt from Coffee – Recent Developments, that was temporarily available online.  The hardcopy is available on Amazon. Although this evidence supports grinding on demand, there has been interesting discussion regarding grinding in advance, which Scott Rao writes […]

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Blue Bottle Coffee with Dave Morin (San Francisco, CA) « VendrTV

Posted on July 7, 2009 by

Yesterday I was surprised by James Freeman walking in the door.  Today I was surprised to hear from VendrTV about this piece they did at Blue Bottle Coffee.  Each week they travel the globe making podcasts “covering the best of the best curbside cuisines the world has to offer”.  In this episode host Daniel Delaney […]

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The Professional Barista's Handbook by Scott Rao: Expert's Guide to Preparing Espresso, Coffee and Tea

Posted on July 2, 2009 by

Have I mentioned recently that I love this book?  Because I do.  And it’s worth mentioning again.  Because even if you haven’t visited Scott’s stomping grounds (Cafe Myriade in Montreal), you can still appreciate the level of dedication that Scott brings to our craft. 

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Lifehacker – Illustrated Chart Makes Coffee Drinks Easy – Charts

Posted on July 2, 2009 by

Lifehacker – Illustrated Chart Makes Coffee Drinks Easy – Charts.

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YouTube – Octane Coffee Bar and Lounge

Posted on June 11, 2009 by

A video profile of Atlanta’s Finest;

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New York's best coffee and cafes: baristas worth every bean

Posted on June 8, 2009 by

New York’s coffee explosion has been noticed as far away as Australia.  La Colombe, Jack’s, Joe, Think, Gimme, Abraco, and 71 Irving all got shoutouts in The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday.  They should have emailed me.  I could have doubled their list pretty quickly.   Check out the article below to read the accompanying reviews. […]

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Barista PDX

Posted on June 5, 2009 by

Notice the difference?  This was the scene today at Barista PDX, so come get it.  So says Billy Wilson anyway: Which means they’ve restocked, and the shelves look a little better than they did yesterday:

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