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Archive for the Coffee Equipment Category

Sivetz Coffee to Close Following the Death of Michael

Posted on June 27, 2012 by

The end of an era for a storied company. [Sivetz Coffee winds down toward final roast]

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2nd Annual Coffee Cocktail Mashup Fundraiser

Posted on June 6, 2012 by

I was honored to be a judge at the first Mash Up, and am thrilled to be judging the second. The 2nd Annual Coffee Cocktail Mash Up Fundraiser New York, NY – May 24, 2012. Pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Coffee Cocktail Mash Up, a fundraiser bringing together the city’s top bartenders and baristas for […]

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Kickstarter: KONE Coffee Filter and Brewing System

Posted on May 26, 2012 by

Check out Keith Gehrke’s new project on Kickstarter, which has already more than tripled its goal with a month left to go. Also worth checking out is the brand new Able Brewing website. [via Kickstarter]

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Video: The Cupping Room with Comedian Jim Breuer and World Eating Champ Kobayashi

Posted on May 10, 2012 by

Yes, it’s for Eight O’Clock Coffee, but it’s still worth watching. Sort of.

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Espro Press Review in Popular Science

Posted on April 26, 2012 by

Worth a look if you’re not already familiar. [Espro Press Review: French Press Flavor, Hold the Mud | Popular Science]

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New App Allows Customers to Thank Employees

Posted on April 26, 2012 by

  GOOD got a sneak peek at We&Co, which launches publicly today after a test run in Atlanta. “Instead of the check in, our central action is the thank you,” We&Co’s Creative Director Meggan Wood tells GOOD. “We want to take the emphasis off the place and put it on the people.” This one is for […]

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Howard Schultz on Making Coffee at Home

Posted on April 17, 2012 by

I make coffee for myself and my wife, using an 8-cup Bodum French press. This is the absolute best way to make coffee at home. [How to Make Coffee at Home: Howard Schultz – Businessweek]

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New York Coffee Jobs – Connecting Coffee Professionals in New York

Posted on April 14, 2012 by

Have a job – leave a job. Need a job – find a job. [New York Coffee Jobs – Connecting Coffee Professionals in New York]

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Coffee Shrub’s Visual Guide to the Roast Process

Posted on April 2, 2012 by

“Fully carbonized: Some call this Italian or Spanish roast, an insult to either! 13:00 – 486 f” [Degree of Roast Pictorial | The Coffee Shrub via @RoastMagazine]

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La Colombe Opening Decaffeination Plant in Philly

Posted on March 27, 2012 by

Curious… “Ultimately, Carmichael said he’s starting the project because he feels he can make a better decaffeinated product than the ones currently available. He plans on using a modified proprietary version of the Swiss Water Process (currently only used in one plant in the world) called the Philadelphia Water Process. The first locally decaffeinated product will see the […]

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Illy Says K-Cups Eliminate Waste

Posted on March 21, 2012 by

“Increasing demand for coffee sold in single-cup packets may trim bean consumption as the servings help eliminate “waste,” according to Illycaffe SpA.” Oh, they mean less coffee will be sold. They’re not talking about all the extra packaging that fills the landfills. Carry on then! [Single-Cup Coffee Cuts ‘Waste,’ Lowering Bean Demand, Illy Says – […]

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Video: Would you pay $599 for a Cold Drip Tower? [Kickstarter]

Posted on March 7, 2012 by

I don’t think I would. What about $399? You can save $200 by supporting the Kickstarter project.

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Video: Moments at Coffee Common (TED2012)

Posted on March 4, 2012 by

Fantastic video from John that captures the spirit of our intense and exciting week. Of particular note is Chris teaching JR to pour latte art at the 1:27 mark. [Moments at Coffee Common from John Giannakos]

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Sweatleaf in the New York Daily News

Posted on February 26, 2012 by

“We were only one of two accounts they had in New York three years ago,” says Nieto. “Now, they have over 100.” “Sometimes people see a name like Stumptown and assume it’s good, but that’s not true. I can make an awful cup of coffee with the greatest beans in the world because there’s so […]

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Black and Blue Bottle: James Freeman Responds to Dumb Review

Posted on February 23, 2012 by

  This is amazing. Nicely done James. [Blue Bottle: Coffee as Crack – New York Restaurants and Dining – Fork in the Road]    

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Tassimo Recalls Single-Cup Brewers for Dousing People

Posted on February 9, 2012 by

Tassimo coffee makers recalled over burn risk; 140 reports of problems with single-cup brewers dousing people – @AP apne.ws/yvOSFo — Breaking News (@BreakingNews) February 9, 2012 At least they heat the water.

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