Stumptown Now Offers Private Labeling?

Posted on April 28, 2012 by

Remember when Stumptown and Ninth Street Espresso broke up?

When Ninth Street Espresso, Stumptown’s first and highest-profile partner in New York, switched to Intelligentsia beans last month, it caused a small uproar. Ninth Street’s owner, Kenneth Nye, says bloggers made too much of it; he simply wanted to get back to proprietary blending, which Stumptown doesn’t offer. “Some shop owners take comfort knowing that there are a dozen shops using the same product,” says Nye. “We never did. For us, it was a very weird transition to have a coffee that was available so readily in so many places.” Sorenson sees things differently. “I wouldn’t let him put a sticker over the Stumptown bag,” he says. “That’s our coffee, man.” (NY Mag 4/19/09)

I guess those days are over…

As Daniel of Arabica says:

Primo Passo is a beautiful new coffee bar in Santa Monica, serving Stumptown coffee under its own brand.

I don’t know how I feel about the re-branded coffee thing. There is a certain lack of transparency to it. I know that it’s Stumptown coffee because … well … c’mon, I write a friggin’ coffee blog (the info is out there), but would the bulk of the shop’s customers know — it’s not explicitly stated anywhere that I was able to see and the coffee’s roasting source is nowhere to be seen on the bag itself. Does it even matter? Questions, questions.

[via Daniel of Arabica - Brewers log: Primo Passo’s (née Stumptown’s) Coeur d’Afrique]