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New App Allows Customers to Thank Employees

Posted on April 26, 2012 by


GOOD got a sneak peek at We&Co, which launches publicly today after a test run in Atlanta. “Instead of the check in, our central action is the thank you,” We&Co’s Creative Director Meggan Wood tells GOOD. “We want to take the emphasis off the place and put it on the people.” This one is for the employees, the beloved barista, inventive mixologist and dependable hairstylist. Now the people who make up one-tenth of the labor force finally have a public pedestal.  There’s even a thank-o-meter.

We&Co uses the same locations as FourSquare—exactly the same, since they’re lifted from FourSquare’s API—except you see the people who work there. If you like the service you get, or want other people to know there’s a barista that makes a mean latte, you can pull up We&Co, find her profile, and hit “thanks.”

Sound cheesy­­? Well, think of it this way: What makes you become a regular at a bar, the beer or the bartender­?

I love this concept. It doesn’t matter how good the espresso is if it’s served by an asshole.

[The Anti-Groupon: New App Lets Repeat Customers Say Thanks – Business – GOOD  via Brent]

  • Coffee Blogger

    Great idea.

  • Daniel Markham

    Sooooooo, how does We&Co know who works at a location? This feels a bit creepy. Somebody talk me down.