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CBS on Coffee in Los Angeles

Posted on February 25, 2012 by

A decent list of cafes to visit in Los Angeles. Strange that Coffee Bar isn’t on it though.

[Where to Drink Specialty Coffee in Los Angeles « CBS Los Angeles]

  • Julie

    Thanks for the link- I actually have been to CoffeeBar several times and like it very much- the only reason I did not include them was because I had been going there to try Handsome coffee- and Handsome is now open close by- also I was trying to include a few places to drink coffee from several neighborhoods- downtown does have more good ones than I had room for in this story. I picked two very different ones – Handsome… brand new, first in house roasting in LA and Demitasse… Little Tokyo, they are very friendly and helpful for picking which coffee to try and serve an interesting mix of locally made baked goods and sweets. I have been writing about coffee a lot lately and am sure CoffeeBar will be included in something I work on soon.

  • Parkerfoto

    The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea and Cocoa has been roasting coffee in there store front for the last 16 years and is located in Culver City, CA