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Video: Poured Over in Philadelphia

Posted on January 4, 2012 by

NewsWorks calls this “the next big thing for caffeine aficionados” but I think ReAnimator is dropping the ball here. If James Hoffmann’s 2012 prediction for batch brewers comes true, this may be a good example of why.

[Via NewsWorks]

  • Luke

    So much work goes into the pour over rack, but the recipe and technique look awful. Also how stale is that coffee?

  • Sweetleaflic

    Please tell me this is a joke

  • Araham

    Yeah, I agree that the coffee looks a little stale, but what’s the problem here? And while I also agree that the V60 has “jumped the shark,” I don’t see anything here that would convince me that the coffee tastes bad. Technique with pour overs, in any case, is overrated.

  • Kyle Wheeler

    To me, this seems to be a good example of “what” versus “why” in the coffee industry. Watching that go down, they technically knew what to do, but almost every step they took was never explained as to why they did it that way, or even why it was better than batch brew. It seems to me that we get a lot of secondhand information on what is ‘in vogue’ in this industry. We’re given a bunch of buzzwords to explain why it is currently the best brew method, but there’s no technique or analyzation of the process behind the initial steps they get off youtube or brewmethods. It kind of reminds me of following recipes but not necessarily having enough knowledge of food to explain the reason behind why the recipes work/don’t work when altered. I did not feel assured by the knowledge of these baristas when they gave these instructions. 
    That video was a step-by-step given by people who were given a step-by-step.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EEZQWQZVTELQGXGGPQUSUREG4I Valentine

    30g is too much coffee for a 12oz serving.