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Current Favorite: Finca La Maravilla

Posted on September 7, 2011 by

Food and drinks are an emotional experience. You enjoy your favorite cafes and restaurants in large part because of the way they make you feel. Great coffees (or food) served in an uncomfortable environment don’t inspire regular patronage, and mediocre (lousy, even) cafes can be very successful at inspiring loyalty. To each their own, different strokes, etc, etc. That said, it’s certainly possible to be both unbelievably tasty and the source of fond associations. This coffee is both. Absolutely delicious, and the source of many fond memories. Some created in 2009 when Raul Rodas used it to become the Guatemala Barista Champion again (CleanHotDry tells this story beautifully), and some created this past weekend as we said our goodbyes to the Summer of 2011 with an epic weekend of fun and sun.

The Maravilla truly is a wonder, and I highly recommend it.

[Finca La Maravilla, Itzamna, Guatemala | Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea]