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Coffee Trucks [Photos]

Posted on May 29, 2011 by

This delivery truck is from Texas circa I don’t know when, and features Direct Trade coffee (sort of) from Duncan Coffee. Duncan was started in 1918 and still exists! They “only buy the top 3% of Arabica beans from around the world to ensure quality” so obviously that’s been the key to their longevity.

The MUD Truck has been a fixture in the East Village of NYC for many years, ultimately growing into a brick and mortar shop. But they make no such claims of quality control, and in fact avoid telling you anything at all about the coffees that they’re serving. Mud chooses instead to focus your attention on their “anti-establishment philosophy”, and reminds you that “MUD was, is and MUD will be”.

Which reminds me of the Love Truck, which was, isn’t, and never will be again, a Mud Truck. Despite their apparent differences in operational philosophy, both trucks continue to share the same standards for quality control and transparency.

The Gimme! trailer wasn’t technically a truck, but definitely deserves props for concept and design. There are of course certain advantages to having a legitimate source of electricity and plumbing, but the limitations inherent to working out of a closet remain.

But my favorite so far might be this VW Bus spotted in Thailand. Thailand is of course the best place to go if you want to cut through red-tape and make things happen. Things like producing amphetamine laced whiskeys, and engaging in certain types of elective surgery. In this case baristas seem to have successfully removed all excess overhead and boiled it down to the brass tacks.

Which of course brings us back to Handsome Coffee Roasters. But I’m not really sure what they’re using their van for, aside from scrubbing, sanding, and tweeting during road-trips. My guess is that at some point they’ll be using this handsome van for smoking an entire side of beef (among other things).

La Colombe may take the prize here though. As far as I can tell there’s no one that’s more well prepared to attend the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Which is kind of a big deal.




  • Jonathan Bonchak

    How about coffee bikes? This is by Joe Van Gogh and Raleigh Rickshaw Co. in Raleigh, NC….

  • Billy.411

    Oh, I’ve got a coffee bike from Thailand… Ok, so you can’t really see the bike itself, but it was a push bike, not the standard Thai scooter set-up.  And for around a quarter, he made a VERY strong, sweet Thai coffee!