Video: Updating Paige on Funny or Die

Posted on March 23, 2011 by

Check out this pilot for a new web series called Updating Paige, which promises to be a show about coffee culture. So far it seems to be about a girl named Paige who has Facebook Faceplace drama and works in a cafe, but I did spy a Buono Kettle in the background at the 5:14 mark.

Related: has the Buono Kettle jumped the shark?

[via Updating Paige on Funny or Die]

  • swag

    The IT Crowd’s invention of FriendFace (unfortunately down for tooling: ) did this parody so many times better.nnThe intro:n a clip segment:n

  • Araham

    Both the kettle and the V60 have definitely “jumped the shark.”

  • George

    why don’t the grinders have lids on them?

  • benjo

    this should probably be on the “die” section of funny or die.