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Bear Pond Espresso Charity Event [Japan]

Posted on March 21, 2011 by

Bear Pond Espresso is having a charity event in Tokyo on March 26th to collect “love and prayers” for those affected by the earthquake. For those that don’t know, Bear Pond’s Katsu Tanaka spent many years living and working in NYC, and the last few taking private barista lessons at Gimme and Counter Culture (and Grumpy?). In 2009 he returned to Japan to realize his dream and open what is arguably the best cafe in Tokyo.

He is well loved by the NYC coffee community and we’re all grateful that he made it through the tragedy intact. In addition to the event in Tokyo, Rosettas for Relief (v4.0) will occur this April (v1.0, v2.0, v3.0) while Katsu is in New York for a previously scheduled trip, on a date to be determined.

In the meantime check out Bear Pond’s new website, or check out what’s happening with them on Twitter.

Update: Rosettas for Relief v4.0 has been scheduled. Please visit the Facebook Event Page for details.

  • Melanie Vaughn

    I knew many people will love to give time for this event for Japan and I solemnly pray for Japan’s progress soon after the tragedy, for the victims, for the family who lost their homes, for the husbands and wives that have to separate for meanwhile and for the children and grandparents, please give strength for the people of Japan.nnMelanie Vaughn,nCar DonationnWheels for Wishesnn