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Video: The Coffee Foundry in NYC

Posted on February 19, 2011 by

“Everything about The Coffee Foundry – from the small-batch backyard roasting to the methodical coffee preparation – probably seems inefficient to the average on-the-go city dweller. Yet these perceived limitations are exactly what allow co-founders Wilson Park and Norman Mui to hold total control over the experience they offer. Although they’ve been working to perfect their roast profiles over the past seven years, the high overhead costs associated with opening a storefront prevented them from making their product available to the general public. And that’s where the story gets interesting: Wilson and Norm formed an unlikely partnership with a karaoke bar in NYC’s West Village to start a daytime business and serve their coffee to an appreciative audience that grows daily. While the west coast boasts a veritable renaissance in artisanal coffee roasting and preparation, operations like the Foundry’s are few and far between in NYC. We spent a day at their roast site and in their shop to learn more about how the Coffee Foundry is changing the landscape of the east coast coffee scene one cup at a time.”

Directed by Kellen Dengler.

For more information:

I think this is a lovely video, and the passion that Wilson and Norman have is pretty evident. That said, I don’t think passion automatically translates into quality, and in fact disagree with some of their statements on coffee brewing.