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Mike Phillips on the Art of the Perfect Cup

Posted on January 21, 2011 by

“Coffee has amazingly intricate flavors and is really just hitting its stride in taste exploration,” Phillips explains. “With a really nice coffee, it takes four months to a year for the coffee to end up in your cup but it only takes the last six minutes of preparation to screw it up.”

[via The Art of the Perfect Cup of Coffee | CulturePOP | Ingredients for an Artful Life]

  • Frank

    My respect to Mike Phillips, he’s an amazing and deserving champion, but what does he mean when he says not to buy blends? Intelli sells blends too, last time I checked. So, is the coffee used in Intelli’s blends bad? I am just not understanding where he’s coming from with this. Just thought I’d post my thoughts here since I couldn’t comment on the story’s page.

  • Michael Phillips

    Hey Frank, Mike Here. I will be the first to admit that I actively steer folks towards single origin coffees. They have specificity that supports celebrating farmers and amazingly unique coffees in a way that blends typically just dont. With that said however what your referencing is a bit of a mis-quote. Often times in interviews when you explain how blends can be used to cover up low quality coffee, the statement gets reduced to “dont buy blends” I actually am rather enamored with our Eros blend right now.

  • Frank

    Thanks for clearing things up Mike, I was worried there for a sec. It just sounded like a mis-quote, you know? Didn’t sound like something you would say, but I am glad you took some time out of your busy schedule to sort things out. Keep on rocking.