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Brazil Cup of Excellence Auction Results

Posted on January 19, 2011 by

Yesterday’s Cup of Excellence auction earned participants an average of $8.42/lb, a new record for Brazil. Also record breaking were the gross proceeds, which totaled $738,506 for the 31 different lots.

When compared to the current value of coffee on the open market (above) it’s safe to say that these farmers had a pretty good day.

Also interesting to note is that almost all of these coffees will be roasted overseas. Some exceptions include Olympia Coffee in Washington, Rojo’s Roastery in New Jersey, and Blue Bottle in CA/NY.

Where’s everybody else?

[Full results via Cup of Excellence]

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  • Oscar Nyman

    and Coffee Bean International, Oregon? … do they actually have COE coffee in the Target-branded range?

  • Mike White

    They have in the past!

  • Oscar Nyman

    Great! Available in normal Target stores? I am curious on how you distribute such a high end product in such a massive US retail network…. Most US customers have such a high standard of freshness, would anyone buy COE excellence coffee older than 3 weeks after roasting?

  • Mike White

    I think that’s a legitimate concern! But often in situations like this theyrndon’t print the roast date. Instead they offer a “best by” date that variesrnwidely and often goes way beyond three weeks.rnrnThat said, I suspect true coffee geeks won’t look to Target for their CoErnfix.

  • Jwpdx420

    yes it sells for 14.99 for 10 OZ