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The Clive Coffee Pourover Stand

Posted on January 7, 2011 by

Designed for use with their custom ceramic, the black walnut dripper stand also works with the Hario v60. This product is made in Portland, OR, where apparently all new coffee devices will be manufactured from now on.

$165. Cheap!

[Via Clive Coffee]

  • Frank

    Nice stand, however, I made my own stand with some oak I had laying around and some wood shop skills. Came out looking good. Saved me $165.

  • Mike White


  • AndyS

    Very nice design, but aside from the fact that wood makes things easy to fabricate, it’s not a very practical material for coffee-making. For the money one might expect something washable and more durable. Corrosion-resistant metals (or even certain plastics) will last indefinitely; wood will not.

  • Mike White

    For the money I think I’d prefer something of adjustable height. It seems like there might be too much space between the cup and the ceramic. Besides, if you’re just brewing a single cup you can just rest a v60 directly on top.

  • Mark

    Mike,nWe actually designed the spacing to be perfect for the Hario V60 and decanter (see picture here: mug is not as tall as the decanter, so there is more space than ideal. We did quite a bit of testing and if you pre-heat the porcelain mug and use 202 degree water, heat loss is minimal.

  • Mike White

    Thanks Mark!