Bottled Cold Brew Coming from Stumptown

Posted on December 16, 2010 by

Stumptown is testing these bottles of cold-brewed coffee, which actually makes a lot of sense. If they can figure out how to preserve flavor while maintaining shelf life, they can manufacture it in large batches in one or two locations and simply deploy it to all of their retail stores (and wholesale accounts/markets). This would allow them to increase their quality control and consistency while providing an easy sale at the register. As a customer you could buy six-packs of the stuff, thus saving yourself the agony of actually going to the cafe more than once a week. Not that they’re agonizing. You just might find it difficult to visit, you know, physically. Plus it kind of looks like a Red Stripe bottle, which is making me thirsty already.

In any case, since the temperature in New York currently “feels like 19° F” I suspect they have a bit of time left to get this one right.