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Video: How to Make Great Pourover Coffee

Posted on November 7, 2010 by

Last week The Oregonian published an article romanticizing the trend towards manual pourover. Featured are folks from notable companies such as Water Avenue, Café Vélo, and Coava Coffee.

“Brewed coffee is hot again, and we’re not talking about press pots. The pour over, where coffee is brewed by the cup, on demand and by hand, is the new darling of caffeine culture.”

This is true. Coffee by the cup, on demand, is hot right now. And there are many techniques, theories, and religions that dictate how one brews a proper pourover. But what surprises me most about the methods highlighted in the accompanying video is that no one agitates. And when Jeremy says that precise measurements make the process “mathematic” and “not really human”, my heart breaks just a little bit.

How to make great pour over coffee

[Enter the all-analog coffee, hand-brewed by the cup |]

  • Rich N.

    Mathematical? Are we going to start using lines like “it all depends how the coffee is feeling that day”, please. Measuring coffee and water is the most basic of all steps. Either you have a system or you don’t but I don’t get the in between thing of this is the way I pour but I’m not going to measure the water.

  • AndyS

    Yes, I’m all for taking the mathematics and those annoying MEASUREMENTS out of coffee making. I HATE how people weigh their doses out in grams. It was a lot more HUMAN when we simply said, “use two scoops of coffee.” Yeah, THAT was great coffee.