Two La Marzocco Stradas Coming to NYC?

Posted on October 30, 2010 by

According to Craigslist they are. To Kava Cafe in the West Village.

Kava Cafe is looking for experienced, motivated people to join our team! Applicants should be personable, professional, friendly, reliable, service oriented… and passionate about coffee!

About Kava: We are an upscale Euro-style cafe opening in December. Our focus is on high quality offerings, friendly and efficient customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere. The café will be located steps from the Highline, right where the Meatpacking District meets the West Village. We will have two La Marzocco Stradas! Training will be provided for the machines. We’ll be serving Stumptown coffee, as well as fresh pastries, sandwiches, juices, gelato, and more.

If they do, they’ll be the first.

[Via Craigslist]

  • swagv

    Based on experience with the Strada from a consumer perspective in places like Seattle, this would be news only for baristas — and pretty much irrelevant for consumers. There’s a lot of navel-gazing among the coffee community these days that hasn’t translated to real consumer benefits. This would be a prime example.

  • Mike White

    For once I actually sort of agree with you. But mainly because I question how the trainers have been trained.