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Sweetleaf Cafe in Long Island City (Photos)

Posted on October 24, 2010 by

Sweetleaf Cafe in Long Island City just expanded into the adjacent space, adding more seating and more room for staff (Oliver Strand wrote about it in the NYT Diner’s Journal a couple of weeks ago). I visited today and was pleasantly surprised. It’s roomy, bright, and Lee Mazur (pictured behind the Linea) does a great job with the Stumptown. They also expanded their kitchen for the in-house baking, and created a designated “laptop room” for all the campers. This is a great space, with well prepared coffee and tasty pastries. Far and away the best spot in 11101.

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  • Jeff Devine

    Should it worry me that Sweetleaf is using the same $300 PID on their gear that I have at home on my Silvia?

  • Mike White


  • AndyS

    You’re blowing my mind, Mike, you mean you actually made it over to QUEENS???nAmazing.

  • Mike White

    Well, yeah. LIC is technically Queens. But barely. It’s close to home andrnworth the bike ride. You should go!

  • AndyS

    “Technically.” That’s funny! But don’t worry, I’ll go.