MoJo Should Be Standard For Every Roaster

Posted on September 12, 2010 by

There are a lot of variables involved during roasting. Ambient temperatures change, batch sizes change, drop temps change, etc. If you’re tracking as many details as possible, why wouldn’t you use MoJoToGo as well? It can determine very quickly when changes in development occur, changes that prohibit proper extraction in the cup. I’ve said before that I believe MoJoToGo can help you maintain your equipment. Roasting is another example where having objective analysis is worth every penny of investment. This past summer I was able to identify very quickly that there were problems with some local coffees (most likely due to an extreme heat wave that rose the ambient temperatures of the roastery). Because they don’t objectively analyze every (or any) batch that they roast, it was difficult for them to understand why their coffees didn’t taste as good as usual. Chris Tacy reminded me of this experience when he brought up the very same subject on Twitter. In a perfect world every batch is as similar as possible, based on your predetermined profile. But it’s very difficult to get it right every time. If you’re testing everything, MoJoToGo will identify the blown batches right away.