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James Hoffmann’s Current Iced Coffee Method

Posted on August 29, 2010 by

For the last month I’ve been thinking on and off about James Hoffmann’s “current iced coffee method“. I don’t really drink much iced coffee but when he posted it I gave it a shot. My results weren’t great (it tasted heady and intense, lacking all of the bright acidity that I had hoped to find) but since I don’t really drink iced coffee I didn’t worry too much about it. I didn’t try it again but continued to have lingering thoughts about why it didn’t work out. Today I realized what it was – I had followed precise brewing ratios that replaced half the brew water with the equivalent in ice. But when I finished brewing (and tasted it), not all of the ice had melted. The resulting brew was probably too strong, literally. So today I tried it again and this time used my refractometer to test the results.

Once again when my v60 was finished dripping there were still solid cubes of ice floating in the brew. I tested it and found it to be high in both extraction percentage and dissolved solids.

Approximately 20 minutes later most of the ice had finished melting, and I tested it again to find both numbers to be in a much more reasonable range. The result was a cup of iced coffee that was much more balanced, bright and delicious. So if you attempt his method (which you should), make sure your ice melts.

  • Jay C.

    Mike – not trying to give you a hard time, but how did the coffee taste? You stated that you tasted it but then immediately stated that the resulting brew was “probably” too strong. Is that to say it tasted too strong? Or that you expected it to Mojo at “too high” a number and, therefore, “too strong”?nnYour writings give the impression that you did not really taste the coffee until the ice had melted or that your expectation of the taste of the coffee had been prejudiced by the Mojo numbers.

  • http://shotzombies.com Mike White

    Jay – The first time I tried it tasted too strong but I was unable to MoJo it. If I had used MoJo, I suspect the numbers would have been high. nnFor the second cup I didn’t taste it until the ice melted. But I always taste it before I use the MoJo to prevent prejudice. In this instance I took two samples (pre and post ice melting) and set them aside until I finished tasting.