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New Website: New Coffees – The Latest Updates from the Best Roasters

Posted on August 8, 2010 by

New Coffees has just launched to provide updates on all your favorite coffee roasters. When a new coffee is added to a roaster’s website, New Coffees automatically adds it to the roster.  If you’re into Twitter, @newcoffees will tell you what those changes are, when they happen.

The site is still young (Michael Young, actually) but it’s functioning, and is currently displaying offerings from Intelli, Ritual, Stumptown, Square Mile, and Ecco. More great roasters are already queued up, and they’ll be added over the coming days.

  • Lv4coffeejulian

    sad… no mexican coffees…rnit is not enough our champ ranked on the top ten on the wbc for this companies to rnlook at our coffee?rn…