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I’m Back in your Solids, Analyzing your Dissolution

Posted on August 4, 2010 by

It was slightly devastating to lose all of our electronics during a hectic two weeks in Europe, but the saddest loss of all was probably my VST Refractometer. Thanks to an extremely generous donation from Andy and Vince, my mourning period has now ended. I’m back in the MoJoToGo business, and loving every second of it.

  • Rich N.

    Hey Mike
    Glad to hear your mojo is back in business. I've been using mine overtime now that we are adding a pour over station (v60) at Sweetleaf. I have found that the best results (taste wise) have measured at 1.35-1.38 tds with an extraction between 19.5 and 20%. I use 21 grams of coffee with 12oz of water. I prewet 2oz let is degas for about 30secs and then pour the remaining 10oz. My method is to basically match the pour speed with the drip speed so that the water level doesn;t go up or down. When I'm done pouring I give the bed two gentle stirs before the pour down. From first post prewet pour to final drip is about 2:15 secs give or take 10 secs. I have been able to get very consistent results this way. Look forward to reading your posts.

  • AndyS

    I'm back in the saddle again
    Out where a yield is a yield
    Where the better the extraction
    The more I find satisfaction
    Back in the saddle again

    Cruisin' cafes merrily
    Totin' my old VST
    Where you go to sleep each night
    Knowin' your brewin' came out right
    Back in the saddle again

    Filterin' to and fro
    Back in the saddle again
    I go my way
    Back in the saddle again

    (with apologies to cowboy Gene Autry)

  • Mike White

    Andy, I'm not sure if I'm amazed or horrified, but I'm definitely amused.

  • AndyS

    I’m back in the saddle againnOut where a yield is a yieldnWhere the better the extractionnThe more I find satisfactionnBack in the saddle againnnCruisin’ cafes merrilynTotin’ my old VSTnWhere you go to sleep each nightnKnowin’ your brewin’ came out rightnBack in the saddle againnnWhoopi-ty-aye-ohnFilterin’ to and fronBack in the saddle againnWhoopi-ty-aye-yaynI go my waynBack in the saddle againnn(with apologies to cowboy Gene Autry)

  • Mike White

    Andy, I’m not sure if I’m amazed or horrified, but I’m definitely amused.