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Is NYC the Next Melbourne?

Posted on April 10, 2010 by

The Milk Bar’s Alexander Hall thinks so. “The New York coffee scene is similar to Melbourne in 1985.” Ouch! But Francesco Agoftino from the Glass Shop thinks flat whites are “uncool”. And apparently the issue is so sensitive, a former Melburnian “who was also the first to roast premium-grade beans in New York” won’t even talk about it (or identify himself).

These guys may not win over too many NYC baristas with this article, but there are a few that are looking for work.

(Via The Age - Our coffee boys full of beans in Brew York)

  • James Hoffmann

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Emily

    that guy looks a lot like Kris Wood. What a load of shit.

  • Jason

    Apologies to our friends in NYC, our press do not represent us! And yeah, what a load of shit.

  • Mark

    we are terribly embarrassed by our media…

  • Kris

    we are all very curious as to who was the first guy to roast premium grade beans in new york?

  • John

    The Australian media has been running with this crap for a while ‘introducing the flat white’ to the US, just another lazy journalist making us Aussies look like idiots.

    Besides, id rather move to New York before Melbourne any day! ;-)

  • Tim Varney

    Ah Alex Hall, used to work with this guy in Melbourne. He’s so 1999. Please excuse the idiotic Age newspaper…

  • Ian

    The original article is surely satire; a spot-on spoof of some aspects of Australian culture.