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Is the Presso a Mypressi Twist Killer?

Posted on April 6, 2010 by


Is the Presso a Mypressi Twist killer? Probably not. Not requiring N2O cartridges is pretty cool, but would also make the manual operation more inconsistent.

Labeling the device as a “cappuccino maker” doesn’t really help their cause either (since, you know, it doesn’t make cappuccinos). Still, it seems to have potential and I wouldn’t mind having one to play with. Especially if it can also open my wine bottles.

  • bz

    the presso has been indispensable to my folks in the barren bush of Chad for many years. no n2o cartridges there, of course, and you can find the pressos very cheaply.

    only problem is, they’re now fairly hard to find. and one must rigorously maintain the warm temperature of the device and its parts in order to get decent spro — though that’s much like the mypressi.

    did a tongue-in-cheek instructional video myself lo, these many years ago:

  • Mike

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize the Presso had been around that long. There’s nothing on their site older than last fall.

  • Jonathan

    That shot doesn’t even look good, I dont think I would classify it under “espresso”…

  • GeorgeG

    How can you kill a dead person? – even a twisted one?
    the handespresso WILD outperforms both in terms of ease of use, lightness and not least – espresso quality. handpresso exists both in a pod versiona nd in a ground coffee version. the built quality is top notch.

  • Jonathan

    George please tell me you own a handpresso, I own one (or used to). I wouldn’t even compare it’s shot quality to starbucks, the videos and reviews on the mypressi on Coffee Geek and Home-Barista say it performs notches above. I believe Wired Magazine did a comparison where I first saw it and the Mypressi outshined it by miles. I am going to try one and will report, but regarding the handpresso I rather buy a bike pump at least it has a use lol, also please give one reputable person that says the shot quality from the handpresso is on the same planet. LOL.

  • Johann

    Just sharing…

    Guys, see this guy make shot with presso

    I think the result is wonderfull

  • Jase

    Here’s another

  • Jase

    Anyone can make a bad shot even with a good machine. I agree the coffee in the video above looks pretty sad. Here’s one I did myself.