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Coffee Chronicles: Coffee's History In America, A Short Primer | Serious Eats : New York

Posted on November 24, 2009 by

“Before Stumptown, Gorilla, Grumpy, and even Dallis, there was a coffee roaster who set up shop in Manhattan, and 160 years later, still proclaims the good news about specialty coffee. Gillie’s Coffee,who moved to Brooklyn from Greenwich Village in 1991, survived through the tumultuous economic times in the coffee world, the “coffee crash” of 1881, when unsuccessful attempts were made to corner the market on coffee. They’re still surviving even as the third wave of young bucks spread the coffee gospel.”

via Coffee Chronicles: Coffee’s History In America, A Short Primer | Serious Eats : New York.

  • Kona Beans

    The great coffee crash almost destroyed America’s coffee farms in Kona. Luckily once they revived they became small family farms, to our benefit today. That small farm touch makes all the difference in taste and quality.