America’s Top Lunch Trucks –

Posted on June 5, 2009 by

The Wall Street Journal reports today on the current state of high-end food trucks.  Those more twitterly-inclined may already be familiar with this post from Serious Eats;

A List of Street Food Vendors Using Twitter

And while there are a few coffee trucks parked in various locales here in NYC, none have quite the pomp of this gem;

Gimme! Coffee Trailer

Sadly, the temporary lease we held on this spot at Cornell has expired, and currently our 1948 Spartan Manor is looking for a good home.  Perhaps the dirty streets of NYC hold promise, or maybe the good folks at the Shady Dell (the site of 2009′s Barista Wedding of the Year) would be interested in adding to their collection.

America’s Top Lunch Trucks –

PS: let us not forget that World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies operates with MUCH LESS than even a truck!