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Breaking News!

Posted on June 4, 2009 by


And by breaking I mean breaking! See those holes in this better than nothing Twitpic?  The walls are currently being torn down in Ithaca, NY that separate our State St cafe from what used to be our original office space.  Alexis has kept us pretty well informed on the happenings in Ithaca, but this cellphone picture from James Neidhartd represent a new chapter in Gimme! Coffee history.  Word on the street is that there’s even video being recorded!  One can only hope that Alexis posts that video ASAP.  In the meantime, what will State St customers think tomorrow?

UPDATE; Wow! The video exists! And it is absolutely thrilling!!

  • Anunumous

    Oh Hell Yeah!

    Ok, so I walk into State St. this morning and the wall is temporarily cheap particle board, and all the of the seats are back in their usual spots. I’m talking with Allison about the absolute mess and air quality, when this woman who is reading a book in a booth right in front of the enormous gap is looking at us like, “What are you looking over here for?” Then she turns around and says, “Oh My God, I didn’t even know there wasn’t a wall here!” Granted it was 7am, but come on, lady.

    You know, I honestly thought that when the wall came down there would be evil green slime oozing from the plaster. The new cafe should be blessed with a 10ft (mike)white sage smudge stick and a gallon of holy water… Cirqua customized of course.