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Espresso Martini

Posted on September 17, 2008 by

Coffee Drinks

Congratulations to Gimme’s resident Roasting Dept Manager for her work consulting for a drink recipe that landed on the pages of Michael Turback’s new book, Coffee Drinks.  Colleen helped create the “Real Deal Espresso Martini” using our quintessential Mocha Java blend.  Since she just returned from a trip visiting the fields of our Las Mingas producers in Colombia, a good martini is probably the first thing she’ll order when she lands back in Ithaca.

  • Gabe


    we missed her, and are stoked to hear her stories and see her photos from Colombia where I heard she downed some amazing beer.

  • Anunu

    Just read this… there is no such thing as amazing government issue beer. Boo to Club Colombia! Bring on my Cascazilla!