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Out of Order

Posted on May 14, 2007 by

I know, I’ve been back from Long Beach for a week now and no post about the show. Well, all I can say is that it’s coming. Promise.

In the mean time you can read M’Lissa’s show report over at Octane Coffee Bar‘s new blog. Which she put together and runs. Check it out: Coffee Revelation

It does seem that I’ve been traveling a lot lately. A few of those trips were to headquarters in Durham, NC.

Recently, one of my favorite blogs, Chemically Imbalanced, recently reported on an anomaly. Quality coffee in a mall! In Greenville S.C.!!
So, since our travels to Durham take us through Greenville, S.C. we decided to pay Coffee and Crema a visit. We park in the parking lot, make our way along the shining marble floors, past the Easter Bunny stand, but can’t seem to find it. It isn’t in food court. It isn’t a kiosk. Finally we ask information and they point us to the entrance of the Belk department store. There it is. A small counter tucked away in the lower entrance.

As we approach we notice retail bags of Terroir. Terroir? in S.C.? Come to find out, they are pulling straight shots of Terroir’s Yirgacheffe Northern Italian Roast. Straight shots of Yirg?! In a mall?! In South Carolina?!?!?!

Now that’s awesome. They were very nice and the owner, Shannon, is a great guy. We ended up chatting for about two hours.

If you find yourself in Greenville it is a must stop.

I’m not sure I count as a “competition level” barista but Coffee and Crema deserves a place on espressomap.

  • http://ben.szobody.com bz

    hear, hear. glad to see props flowing toward the little man.

    also, chris, i was chagrined to get a call that you were on your way at a horrible time (the day i was traipsing around with hillary clinton, as i recall). next time, man. would love to.

  • http://dawnstrait.com Dawn Strait

    I know Shannon very well, I live in Greenville and even worked in Belk at one time. I, along with many employees would take our breaks there or sneak down for coffee when we weren’t on break. lol We have a Starbucks in the mall but Coffee & Crema is far better.